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For the last 20+ years K.I. Saab & Associates (KSA) and it’s team of associates has been involved in the research of many tire recycling technologies, systems and product manufacturing solutions. A full scope of work can be demonstrated, including many successful tire recycling projects built in various world markets including; US, Canada, Mexico, China, Europe and Saudi Arabia. The main KSA activities now focus on projects located in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region www.gcc-sg.org/eng/ with emphasis in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

The scope of these projects included the design, procurement, installation and operations for a fully fledged integrated tire recycling plant incorporating shredding, granulating and crumb rubber manufacture with integrated after market product manufacture as described above.

Further, various research projects have been originated and managed in both Europe and the US covering early work on a mechnical devulcanization processes  and most recently a patent pending super critical fluid (SCF)

devulcanization technology. Also, significant work has been undertaken developing various press equipment for flat compression pressed flooring products, as well as continuous roll sheeting products (for sound reduction) and sports surfacing flooring for fitness and gym facilities, which are envisaged as the first product of choice suitable for the local high rise Saudi & Gulf construction and leisure  market sectors.

There is a growing local interest and hence demand for asphalt rubber as a high performance, cost effective road surface membrance providing low noise, safety and longevity properties – based on more than 25-years of development work in the United States (worth many millions of dollars) which can now be capitalized upon.

As well as design and engineering services this will include bringing to the Kingdom special proprietary asphalt rubber blending equipment needed to successfully manufacture asphalt rubber binders for use in road construction - now being introduced in the Kingdom after many years of market development work. To support this growing demand we can provide all the expertise to design and build a state-of-the-art tire recycling and crumbing plant to process in-Kingdom scrap tires to manufacture the required crumb rubber granulate used in the production of the asphalt rubber.

A number of feasibility studies have been completed for vertically integrated tire recycling plants as well as a variety of downstream value added technologies which can upcycle recycled tire rubber into valuable end products.

KSA Associates

KSA has worked closely with the Chairman of Bouhayrat for more than 25 years collaborating on a variety of projects both locally and internationally. Bouhayrat was founded in 1976 by Raymond Saab and provides clients in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a wide range of pool, spa and recreational facility services, as well as landscaping designs and installations. A full suite of services is provided covering design and construction of pool installations, maintenance programs, accessories and supplies, pool area landscaping and finishing, as well as sports surfacing for tennis courts and recreational areas.


KSA has worked closely with Orange County, California based Keith Fryer Associates for more than 20 years delivering all types of tire recycling project consulting services in the GCC countries including: market research, project feasibility studies, technology transfers, product marketing, operational audits, sales and marketing of recycling technologies; including crumb rubber manufacturing systems and asphalt rubber blending technologies, sports surfacing, acoustical underlayment for high rise construction, nanotechnology waterproofing membranes, R&D and industrial projects.

KSA has worked closely with the Technical Director of EMDAD Industrial Services the Dammam, Saudi Arabia based engineering firm for almost 20 years; starting with the installation of the first tire recycling plant in Dammam, Saudi Arabia followed by many years of collaboration with tire recycling projects covering a wide range of tire derived value added products covering compression molding, extrusion, peeling and pressed products for sports surfacing, construction membrane applications,  as well as various technology development and engineering know-how.

KSA has worked closely with SPECTRUM INTERNATIONAL the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based Construction & Maintenance entity who provide a wide range of project management services in the Kingdom on many prestigious projects covering industrial warehousing (design & Build), commercial property, hotels, and housing. KSA collaborate on several new tire related projects and continue to develop a solid business relationship.
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