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Nabaa Al-Wessal Company (NAW Recycling) a member of the Shairco Group headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia early 2014 announced the opening of their state-of-the-art tire recycling and 25,000 tons per annum crumb rubber manufacturing facility located in Al-Wajh, Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia.

The company hired world class industry experts to assist with the roll out of the strategic marketing & downstream product development plans for the Company. NAW Recycling hired K. I. Saab & Associates the Los Angeles, California based tire recycling marketing and technology transfer experts in collaboration with Keith Fryer Associates (KFA) Orange County, CA to advise them providing a wide range of marketing support services and tire recycling technology transfer programs.

The Company’s immediate focus will be producing the best quality crumb rubber in the Saudi & GCC markets making it suitable for the stringent US & Europe specifications required for the successful manufacture of asphalt rubber, as a viable alternative to existing asphalt solutions for road construction providing a safer surface for motorists with reduced breaking distances, longer road surface life expectancy, much quieter road noise combined with other superior performance characteristics.

This will be combined with a wide range of sports surfacing activities including pour-in-place sports and playground surfacing as well as sound reduction underlayment used in high rise construction and compression molding products including walkway tiles, horse mats, sidewalks and pathways. 

KSA has been providing sales and marketing support services targeted at architects, consultants and landscape entities on behalf of US Rubber for many years assisting with the development of new technologies and products covering the sports surfacing and sound underlayment used in the construction of high rise buildings.

KSA is providing NAW Recycling with a wide range of marketing support services including technology transfers, sales and marketing support for crumb rubber and value added product sales, business development, asphalt rubber introduction in the Kingdom and general logistical support covering a wide range of tire industry projects in development.

Following K. I. Saab & Associates providing a detailed evaluation of US built and pioneered asphalt rubber blending technology, coupled with current best practice design parameters; The High Commission for the Development of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced for the first time in the Arabian Gulf the use of Asphalt Rubber in its “Development of King Abdullah Road” Project with an intend to minimize sound, improve safety, reduce maintenance cost and help environment by utilizing (GREEN technique) recycled tire rubber. 

Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA), the executive branch of the High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh, has completed the development of the central part of the road from its intersection with Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz I Road to its intersection with King Abdulaziz Road. The developed part, about 5.3 kilometers long, includes a main road with 3 lanes and a service road with at least two lanes in both directions.

The 1st phase of King Abdullah Road Development Project aims at turning the road into an expressway that serves more than 520,000 vehicles per day instead of 190,000, and also aims at creating a distinguished urban, economic and social environment and making the road ready to accommodate the new railway line and the advanced traffic management systems, Acting ADA President Eng. Ibrahim Al-Sultan said. The Development Project of King Abdullah Road is part of a comprehensive plan made by ADA to develop the transportation system in Riyadh. The plan aims at providing safe and comfortable means of transportation through sustainable transportation system that meets both the present and future requirements, ADA acting president Ibrahim Al-Sultan added.

The technology transfer package was facilitated by KSA via the local Riyadh, Saudi Arabian based road contractor Fahd & Co., represented by Abdallah Dandachi and the AR design and engineering package was contracted to California based Consulpav International represented by its President Jorge B. Sousa, Ph.D.

K. I. Saab & Associates provided the Municipality of Al Ain, UAE with a wide range of consulting services covering the prospective use of rubberized asphalt for a number of potential road projects in the region. This included the prestigious Shiebat Al Watah housing road and infrastructure project, the design for which is currently being handled by WS Atkins & Partners Overseas the UK based consulting firm.

A mini technical workshop program is being coordinated to provide current asphalt rubber best practices for AR binder design and construction to all concerned, including engineers from the municipality, the engineering consultants and local contractors.

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