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For the last 20 years

K.I. Saab & Associates (KSA)

and a team of associates has been involved in the research of many tire recycling technologies and product manufacturing solutions.

A wide range of product services can be provided including; market research, project feasibility studies, capital equipment sales, technology transfers and product sales combined with marketing support services based on KSA experience gained related to successful tire recycling projects built in various world markets including; USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Europe, Saudi Arabia & UAE.
The scope of these projects included the design, procurement, installation and operations of a fully fledged integrated tire recycling plant incorporating shredding, granulating and crumb rubber manufacture with integrated down-stream product manufacture.

Tire recycling research projects

have been originated and managed in both Europe and the US covering work on tire rubber devulcanization, devulcanization technology, new tire manufacture and a wide range of other product groups.
There is also a growing local interest in the

Gulf Cooperation Council


countries and hence demand for asphalt rubber using

recycled tire rubber

as a high performance, cost effective road surface membrane providing low noise, safety and longevity properties as well as significant cost benefits compared to polymer modified asphalt based on more than 25-year of development work in the United States.

Asphalt rubber is rapidly becoming a widely accepted alternative to conventional polymer modified asphalt in the GCC.
Tire Devulcanization
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